Thursday, May 24, 2012

Conquer the LSAT, then conquer the LFAT

No, its not another test.  It's far, far worse.  It's that time you have stand on the bathroom scale and realize, "Damn, all that free pizza came at a big price!"  Yup, its the summer after your first year in law school and you realize that maybe your ass shouldn't be the size of your Contracts final.  Maybe that gym membership you bought before school wasn't such a waste of money after all.

When taking on this road to law school, you fear the dreaded LSAT, but what they dont tell you about is the REALLY dreaded LFAT.  LFAT are those pounds that sneak up on you while you are busy rewarding yourself that extra dozen of brownies for completing your outlines just before finals.  LFAT is what happens when you get addicted to grabbing free pizza and other goodies they use to tempt you to attending those time-sucking meetings.  LFAT is what happens when you need that scone to go with your triple espresso just to get your day started.

How much weight can you possibly gain in 9 months, you ask?  Well, lets just say if my LSAT score WAS my weight, I would be at a place with Ivy-covered walls on a free ride!

Tonight I made that first trip back to the gym after a three week break from school.  Apparently my brain wasnt the only thing that turned to jelly in the last 9 months.  I mean, parts of my body now shake, rattle and roll that I really didnt think could ever do that.

it's summer, and it may be swimsuit season for the rest of the world, but I plan to stay indoors and work on getting my swimsuit body back -- or at least something that doesn't jiggle when I walk.

Remember, everything has a price -- especially the free pizza!

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  1. Where do you come up with this stuff? Too funny! I think you missed your calling in Stand-Up! Maybea 3rd career???