Thursday, May 24, 2012

Conquer the LSAT, then conquer the LFAT

No, its not another test.  It's far, far worse.  It's that time you have stand on the bathroom scale and realize, "Damn, all that free pizza came at a big price!"  Yup, its the summer after your first year in law school and you realize that maybe your ass shouldn't be the size of your Contracts final.  Maybe that gym membership you bought before school wasn't such a waste of money after all.

When taking on this road to law school, you fear the dreaded LSAT, but what they dont tell you about is the REALLY dreaded LFAT.  LFAT are those pounds that sneak up on you while you are busy rewarding yourself that extra dozen of brownies for completing your outlines just before finals.  LFAT is what happens when you get addicted to grabbing free pizza and other goodies they use to tempt you to attending those time-sucking meetings.  LFAT is what happens when you need that scone to go with your triple espresso just to get your day started.

How much weight can you possibly gain in 9 months, you ask?  Well, lets just say if my LSAT score WAS my weight, I would be at a place with Ivy-covered walls on a free ride!

Tonight I made that first trip back to the gym after a three week break from school.  Apparently my brain wasnt the only thing that turned to jelly in the last 9 months.  I mean, parts of my body now shake, rattle and roll that I really didnt think could ever do that.

it's summer, and it may be swimsuit season for the rest of the world, but I plan to stay indoors and work on getting my swimsuit body back -- or at least something that doesn't jiggle when I walk.

Remember, everything has a price -- especially the free pizza!

Monday, April 23, 2012

You Know Its Finals When.....

1.  Outlining becomes as crucial as Newt Gingrich trying to squeeze another $10 million out of Sheldon Adelson;

2.  You behave like a character from Vampire Diaries when you leave the library;

3. Starbucks has your order waiting for you when you arrive;

4.  You suddenly realize that Summary Judgment isn't really about making a quick decision;

5.  You start to casually toss words like repudiation, equitable remedy, and reasonable person, into conversations with non-law school friends;

6.  You realize maybe highlighting all of the text wasn't such a good idea after all;

7.  That pen you use to record your professors rants does run out of memory space after all;

8.  All of those cases that you never bothered to read, suddenly take on great meaning in your life; and

9.  Butt pads become the commodity in demand in the library.  (see pic below).


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Law Students for Reproductive Justice Chapter Forms at Southwestern

Get ready for Law Students for Reproductive Justice at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. At a time when reproductive rights, for both men and women, are being whittled away by our representatives, its important we all take a stand and tell our elected officials what we really want. Check out

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The View from My Hotel During Spring Break

Look familiar? Its cause i didnt go anywhere. I remember the days when Spring Break meant beaches, tequila body shots, and dancing the night away. Now its outlining the day away.

Welcome to my non-glam, Hollywood adjacent, life.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Lost My Life on My Way to Law School

I know I had a life. I mean, there was this time in my not so distant past that I was an entertainment publicist. I actually walked the red carpet of the Emmys, Oscars, and the Tonys (sorry, never the Grammys). I knew what was hip and cool in town. I always had the list of the newest, best, most hip places to hang out at my fingertips -- and I had an insider at each and every one of them.

And then I opted to do this law school thing.

Let me paint the picture a little more clearly -- its Friday night, 8:25 p.m, and I am in the library reading cases for the painful appellate brief thats due in 2.5 weeks. I still have reading to do for next week - and cases to brief. And then of course there is the non-stop outlining.

So while my partner enjoys himself in Palm Springs for the weekend, I get a chance to get caught up with my work. Is such a thing even possible? Will Palm Springs become a mystic city i never get to again?

Ah, such is the life of a future legal scholar. Trade in any remnants of a personal life, for an intense intellectual hazing period that you pay dearly for.

Do you know how much Prada I could buy with my tuition money? The horrors.

Okay, enough complaining to the real world, I got a brief to write.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Egos Have Landed

Did you hear that big thump? It was that loud sound of something hitting the ground very hard. It was the egos landing, face first, at your local law school. In this country, after the holidays we don't just have the major sales, we have the "Handing Out of the Law School Grades". It happens right after New Year and almost immediately after your student loan check clears the school account. Translate -- they have you locked for another semester of intellectual fun.

The administrators conveniently schedule it around the completion of the first week of classes and usually when you are with other people. With only a fixed amount of people getting As no matter how smart or how well the rest of you are, there are going to be a good deal of disappointed legal scholars. And thats when you hear it -- THUMP. The egos of the former 4.0 students hits the ground, face first, and stays there checking to see if anyone saw them.

For if we learn nothing in the first year, its that your poker face is the best face to play in any situation. Thats what makes lawyers so trustworthy!!!! They always have that confident, unflappable look on their face. Legal Scholars everywhere develop this skill upon the receipt of the first grade. For when they look their "friends" directly in the eye and say, "I got an A-" they actually sound believable.

And you thought poker faces were just for Lady GaGa and the Vegas Strip? Drop by any law school and ask the students what they got -- when you hear this ENORMOUS amount of A's in the class, you know the people actually without the As are the ones you want representing you in a trial. Covering a bold face lie like that, especially after the truth just hit you in the gut like a teamster, takes skill. Retain that person now before the rest of the world figures it out.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It Took me TWO WHOLE WEEKS to finally relax -- and School Starts in a week

UGH. Is this going to be the rest of my life? That i will constantly be sleep depraved -- and in a constant state of fear? And I paid HOW MUCH for this? more UGH. I have also begun the "great summer internship search" - otherwise known as the "why am i working this hard for free, again?" With the economy in such high gear, internships are the new entry level jobs. If you look close at want ads, they usually go like this -- "internship", "2-3 years experience", and "3-5" years experience. When they have completely exhausted the in-house talent, you get lucky and see "5-7" years experience, that is if you can survive the job search of almost a year. Notice there are no advertisements for "7+". That category has seemed to drop off the radar.

I guess what I am most bitter about is the only way i have achieved this state of nirvana is through Nyquil. Yup, I spent the better part of my only time off until mid May in bed, covered in Vicks, and sneezing every ten minutes. This all because of an early morning flight to the family in New York. Apparently, sleeping only two hours before a cross country Continental flight in which i felt like a veal calf in a crate, is not the best thing to do while still coming down from my law school "high".

I have six precious days left, I have relaxed this "vacation" only through the help of Nyquil, and my eyes hurt at the thought of reading the Torts assignment.

Please pass the Visine and Nyquil.