Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why Don't they have Catering in the LIbrary?

You would think that law schools would take a lesson from the airlines and take advantage of a captive audience. I mean, here we are sitting for hours in this building, barely getting up for a bathroom break, much less a meal. It would be cool to have a lunch cart or something like the 2011 version of a cigarette girl at a club. I can see it now -- Granola Bar? Doritos? Diet Coke? If you think the movie theaters mark up, just wait until you see these prices. And all purchases could be conveniently charged to your school account. Schools certainly don't have to worry about the damages to the books, cause lord knows nobody uses those anymore.

I think its time to have a food truck for the law libraries! Talk about an electronic contracting practicum!!!!


  1. I'm dropping out and will become a Vegas cocktail waitress in the Mabie library. Love, Fellow Law Student.

  2. thats a great idea -- think of the outfits!!!!